Corporate Profile

Perseverance, a passion for excellence and a firm commitment towards all customers and the community at large, has made us a responsible IT powerhouse. An enterprising spirit and ability to discern future trends have been the driving force behind the company's remarkable growth. The company has scaled new heights with the combined force of innovation, adaptation of new technology and the collective skills of its strong, committed workforce.


As EOT Infotech goes about contributing to India’s growth, it also expands globally to become one of the most prestigious and dynamic business groups in the industry. The future is studded with challenges and EOT Infotech is taking them on with vigor and courage.


Innovation at EOT Infotech


EOT Infotech encourages challenging of opinion, of mindsets and a young and vibrant culture of innovation and experimentation. It consciously focuses on building diversity into the system whether it is of gender, region, nationality, background, learning or education, and then in creating a framework for a confluence of these different ideas, cultures and experiences to make an authentic global organisation that delivers value to its customers. At EOT Infotech individual thinking, creativity, innovation and flexibility are celebrated and through that enormous diversity seeps in a 'world culture' for EOT Infotech to become true transformation partners to global corporations driven by a set of core organisational values - that being the only place for homogeneity!

Integrating global talent including customer capabilities, embedding frameworks for service delivery, and by creating the necessary go-to-market front ends, EOT Infotech demonstrates business value for its customers! This enables a true customer proximal model by requirements being captured by a consultant at their end with localized and business specific capabilities and the luxury of global sourcing and 24X7X365 support and disaggregated web development that leverages talent across nations.


EOT Infotech's mission is to enhance our clients' businesses by providing them with the highest quality products and services possible. Our customer support strategy is based upon total, no-compromise customer satisfaction. We continually strive to offer a complete package of current value-added solutions to meet our clients' needs. Above all, we value our long term client relations, as we see our work as an extension of their business; it is collaboration at its highest degree.


Towards creating value to its customers business, EOT Infotech has built and consolidated a comprehensive portfolio of services in IT , lending a wide range of benefits from cost arbitrage, to unmatched quality, differentiated value to a holistic strategic partnership with its customers; and further lending a significant advantage by offering models to customers that best suit their business needs traversing the context areas down to the core focus areas of the customer.


EOT Infotech's mission is to be committed to our employees and their growth, as we know that EOT Infotech's greatest asset is its people. We provide an environment that allows our employees to strike a work-life balance. Our environment is based on the concept of teamwork, fairness and openness.


EOT Infotech's mission is to be committed to excellence in everything we do. We are professionals who value time, honesty, integrity, discipline, and process. We enjoy our work and are proud of what we create and deliver. We strongly believe that attitude and aptitude are essential to achieve altitude.



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EOTInfotech is a leading company in Delhi NCR region who has a lot of satisfied customers as our policy is to provide better service to our clients at proper time.